Control of the mind – Path to a spiritual Life

The control of the mind, concerns every spiritual seeker. The impurities of the mind, make it difficult to be controlled, these impurities are envy, hatred, anger, fear, jealously, lust, greed, conceit, temptations etc.. The mind is robbed of it’s tranquillity / purity on account of attachments & aversions created by these impurities.

By providing the mind with wholesome food, received from our five senses, ‘the mind can be made pure’ ; which means that it can be made free from aversions, attachments, delusion etc.

How do we know which food will cause this, my own view on this is that food which is vegetarian, freshly cooked and eaten with a lot of mindfulness and gratitude, gives us this type of effect on the mind. Also, we have noted, What we see with our eyes, hear with our ears and what we touch, have great effect on our mind. A movie or an oration, can have varied emotions in our mind.

So in moulding conditions favourable for controlling the mind, judicious eating and drinking are of help, equally important is the intake of food through other senses. Another, important factor that helps, is the company of holy people. In this regard, my own experience is that as you pursue the path of controlling the mind, by purifying it’s inputs through our senses, we automatically start to encounter holy people and start cultivating the relationships.

The last and the most important is MEDITATION on your GOD. The paradox – Unless you meditate the mind cannot be controlled and unless the mind is controlled you cannot meditate, but you must do both simultaneously – steady your mind and meditate. As you take this path, slowly your mind will start to get controlled and your spiritual journey will progress, through meditation which will slowly and slowly become more and more effective and fulfilling.

Stay Blessed always and Enjoy every moment of your existence.