My travel to Bangalore, Mysore and Madikeri.

Marriage at thetamarindtree (a wonderful location)

Travelled to bangalore with my wife Harleen to attend our dear friends Murli & Bhagyam’s – daughter’s marriage. The entire event was blessed by the presence of a lot of good pious souls who were there to attend and bless the event. The place chosen by Murli – thetamarindtree was so beautiful (it is to be seen to realise the beauty of the place) and felt like being at the wedding of a couple from the royality, where all the guests from the royal family were so elegantly and petitely dressed to welcome and bless the event of the royal bondage of Satyajit and Ashwathi. Both of you stay blessed always.

About Me

I am the cosmic consciousness. It all happens, the cosmic consciousness is in the self regulation and self evolution mode.

The truth that we believe in, is our physical perception of the cosmic consciousness, perceived through our senses.

Our subjective sense of the world, is an enormous trick the brain has played on us, by perceiving sights, sounds, tastes, smells and textures – the whole array of creations.