Spiritual class

I am specially writing a small blog on this specific class held on the 9th Sept where we read the “The Fire Tablet” the question answer session between Baha’ullah, the manifestation of GOD, where he is asking GOD about the reason – he is going through the extreme suffering -, despite being his manifestation, to which HIS response is that a) Baha’ullah’s sufferings are what are causing all his followers to understand his status, as the manifestation of GOD, listen / understand and imbibe his communication as the messages of GOD, being delivered through Baha’ullah. b) as regards Baha’ullah’s sufferings at a personal level, HIS response is that you have been built to endure these sufferings, so don’t worry move forward on the path that I have chosen for you and enlighten this world with my teachings/message.

Link to the Fire Tablet :

I am writing this to convey that mankind has been endowed with the necessary, to bear the sufferings that we are facing today and HE is with us all through this. HE must have a reason for this suffering, so just be, have faith in HIM.

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