Trip to Shri Hemkunt Sahib

Shri Hemkunt Sahib was long on my mind and finally four of my dear friends got together to accomplish the trip by Guru Sahib’s divine wishes. The trip was a dream come true, unfortunately we had to postpone our trip by a week because of bad weather which caused a huge landslide damaging a large portion of the parking lot at Govind Ghat Gurudwara. We started our trip on the 15th Sept 2019 from Chandigarh by road with targeted stoppage for the night at Rishikesh Gurudwara. The vehicle used was an Innova with a very regular and friendly driver Avtar, who takes us around, on lot of our other trips around Punjab & Delhi. We drove from Chandigarh to Kala Amb, Nahan, Ponta Sahib, Dehradun to Rishikesh. We started from Chandigarh at 11AM and reached Rishikesh at about 7 PM in the evening after travelling at a leisurely pace. Rishikesh is 234Kms from Chandigarh, good road and a number of good eating places on the way. We stayed at the Rishikesh Gurudwara, where two rooms were booked for us by our dear Philanthropist friend Shri Sabherwal ji, who in fact was also travelling with a large entourage on the same day. We paid our respects at the Gurudwara, had langer and went to sleep early, since we planned to start early the next day so that we could reach Govind Ghat Gurudwara well in time. We started early morning at 5 AM from Rishikesh, enroute we stopped at the Srinagar Gurudwara for paying our respects and Breakfast. The drive was just amazing between mountains, rivers and rivulets, confluence of rivers. It was just beautiful here are some photographs from the drive

We reached Govind Ghat Gurudwara at around 6PM, it is just beautifully located on the confluence of Alaknanda & lakshman Ganga rivers. We had a room booked there courtesy Sh. Sabharwal ji. We had dinner early followed with a hot glass of milk and slept early since we had to start early to reach Govind Dham well in time. Govind Dham is 13kms trek from Govind Ghat. Here are some photographs

We started our journey early from Govind Ghat to Govind Dham by 6 am in the morning. The 13kms journey was a delight in the beauty of it’s scenery and the walk through a valley up to Govind Dham, enroute we had breakfast of Alu paranthas, with a double cup of tea with friends was amazing. We reached Govind Dham in time, however could not get a room in the Gurudwara, so we took two rooms outside in a Hotel. We had dinner and slept early, with a lot of argument within ourselves on the mode of travel, three of us decided to go by horse and come back by walk, while our dear ss sodhi, decided to walk both ways. A commendable decision, since within 6 kms, from Govind Dham to Hemkunt Sahib we were to climb from 10,500 feet to 15000 feet. The climb was steep and difficult, the horse of dear np singh slipped twice but with waheguru’s blessing he came out unhurt. We all reached the Gurudwara between 11 am and 1 PM, thereafter bath in the sarovar, Darshan and Langer, we left for our return at around 2 PM, we reached back by 7 PM. We stayed the night in Govind Dham and next day morning took a helicopter ride back to Govind Ghat. Here are some photographs enjoy

2 thoughts on “Trip to Shri Hemkunt Sahib

  1. Thanks Kajal ji. The trip was too good, the confluence of rivers on the way at Dev prayag ( bhagirathi & Alaknanda rivers), Rudra prayag ( Alaknanda & Mandakini rivers), karan Prayag ( Alaknanda & Pindar rivers). Wish I had time to stay in each one of these places for a couple of days. The serenity, the mountains and the rivers were so inviting, I am planning a trip to Badrinath this year, hopefully should be able to tag Harleen along. Stay blessed always. Enjoy your existence.


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