Travel to Shillong

On the 7th of Nov. 2019, we took our planned family trip to Shillong, with my brother Vinod, his wife Kapila and her sister Mona. Before I start writing this blog I must say that please visit the far east, it is just wonderful and beautiful, especially for nature lovers. Our first destination was Guwahati, we took a flight from New Delhi to Guwahati. Chandigarh to New Delhi we took a cab, about 5 hrs drive.

Landed in Guwahati around 9.30AM, flying time from New Delhi to Guwahati is 2hrs 30mins. From Guwahati to Shillong we travelled by road which was about 3hrs 30mins . In the evening went to a very bustling Shillong market which is called the Bara Bazar and surprisingly most of the shops are run here by Women. Here are some photographs

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