Mysore to Bangalore-II

Our next stop was Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace at Sirangapatna. Daria Daulat Bagh, as it is also known, is beautiful with a vast surrounding of Gardens which further accentuates it’s beauty. Hyder Ali Khan started it’s construction in 1778 using Indo Saracenic style of architecture using teak wood, stone, mortar and plaster. It is a beautiful place, definitely needs a visit if you are in that area. Some photographs

From Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, we straight drove into Bangalore, with a target to eat lunch at the famous MTR in Lalbagh. I had a thali which cost me Rs. 250/- ( this thali used to cost Rs 80/- way back in 1978 when I was training here in ITI, Doorvaninagar, Bagalore) and Harleen had a dosa. Nice meal, enjoyed thoroughly.

Taken the car from Vroom was a great experience drove it around for 659 Kms, it cost us (including fuel) lump sum around Rs. 10,000/- ( Rs 8000/- for the car rental and Rs. 2000/- for the fuel). The car was taken on the 23rd afternoon and returned on the 27th Morning. I dropped the car at the airport, where we had to wait for the collection of the car, for nearly and hour, despite the fact that I had given the time well in advance. This needs to be corrected, the car can be dropped off at the airport at any time. Otherwise our experience on the self drive car was enjoyable.

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