Travel from Madikeri(Coorg) to Mysore

On the 25th Feb., we started our journey back to Mysore, where we had booked ourselves at the Country Inn & Suites. On the way we intended to visit as may site seeing places as we could. Our first stop was the Raja’s Tomb or the Gaddige as it is called. These are Hindu Rajas Tombs, The Royal Kodavas. The Tombs are built with Muhammadan architecture, with a central Dome and Turrets on the four corners, the tombs have carvings of Nandi and Shiva since the Raja was a Hindu.

The central Tomb which is the largest is of Kodava King Doddaveerarajendra and his wife Mahadeviamma, the right tomb built in 1820 A.D. is of Lingarajendra, the left tomb of Rudrappa, was built in 1834, who was the guru of the King Veerarajendra. Here are some photographs

There after we visited the Government Museum, which contains the costumes of the Coorg (Kodavas) rulers & the British, bronze Scriptures, Statues, Coins, inscriptions, armaments, sculptures & Wooden Cravings from the 11th Century A.D. No photography is allowed inside, hence the only photograph

The next stop was the Abbey Falls. Abbey falls are a part of the river Kaveri, and are in a private property located between coffee plantations and spice estates. There is a bridge in front of the falls but it was closed when we visited the falls and it seems from the look that it is closed permanently. Here are some photographs

There after we drove towards Mysore and reached Kushalnagar (30Kms from Coorg) on the coorg Mysore Road, here we found the cafe levista, a great place for coffee which was served in brass cup and saucer, great coffee. After a hot cup of coffee visited Nisaraga Dham. Nisargadham is an Island formed by river Kaveri, it has lush foliage of Bamboo, Sandal wood & teak trees. The approach to the Island is through a hanging rope bridge.There are boating options also. There are deer, rabbits & peacocks. We had delicious sugarcane juice from the market at the entrance. Some photographs

There after, we went to the Golden Temple, the Namdroling Nyingmapa Buddhist Monastery. It is the largest teaching centre of the Nyingm lineage of Tibetan Budhism in the World, located in Bylakuppe it is home to Sangha community of over 5000 lamas (both monks & Nuns). It was really worth the visit, beautifully built and very soothing. Please have a look at the photos

After enjoying the visit to the monastery, and some lunch en route, we headed to the Virandavan Gardens. These gardens were built in 1932 by the Diwan of Mysore Sir Mirza Ismail, spread over 60 acres 21 kms from Mysore. The Gardens are built along the Krishnarajasagara Dam which is a dam across the river Kaveri. The gardens are really beautiful with well manicured lawns, a vast varity of flowers, fountains, a musical fountain and a lake which has boating facilities. Here are some photographs

Thereafter, we drove to our Hotel Country Inn & Suites and had dinner at their restaurant Mosaic. The end of the day.

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