Travel From Bangalore to Mysore

23rd Feb.2020

On the 23rd after the marriage, we were delivered a car, Honda Amaze, by Vroom at our Hotel in Phase 6 JP Nagar, Bangalore. The car was hired from Vroom online on self drive basis excluding fuel, I paid Rs 7095/- and got the car with full fuel tank, with the understanding that I have to return the car with full fuel tank.

Self & my wife-Harleen started our drive to Mysore at around 2.30 PM. We were booked at the Country Inn & Suites ( Mysore. On the way we had sugarcane Juice from road side thela (as it is called locally). The juice was just too good, my mouth waters as I write this, with the thought of the juice. We reached the Hotel at around 7 PM. Check in and were told that the lighting at the Mysore Palace will only last till 8PM, and the Palace was 30mins drive from our hotel. We decided to straight away drive to the Palace and see the lighting, which we could barely manage.

It was a great day, the car drove well, we attended a wonderful marriage in the morning, had some great south Indian food – my only regret I could only eat 1 paisam out of the three (since I am a slow eater and did not want to occupy the seat longer, my loss), in the lunch menu capped with a delicious PAN, drove to Mysore and could also have a look at the Mysore Palace that too lighted

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